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Tahiti - Two tropical islands with mountains, beaches and a bustling urban centre

Tahiti, the largest island in the French Polynesian island group, offers two fantastic islands, both offering unique holiday experiences. Brightsun Travel has a wide range of luxury holidays to Tahiti, throughout the year, so you can go on a tropical island adventure in the South Pacific this holiday. Fly into Pape’ete and enjoy Tahiti’s bustling centre, full of markets and museums. In Pape’ete you could explore the massive Marché de Pape’ete and shop for anything from seafood to local textiles. Then you could head to the Musée de la Perle and learn about the region’s important pearl cultivation.  Then, venturing out to the region’s beaches, you could explore Tautira and Matavai Bay and Pointe Vénus beach, and discover famous stop off points used by Captain Cook in his historical voyage of Tahiti in the 1700s. All across the main island in Tahiti you can laze on white sandy beaches and go diving and snorkelling among colourful coral reefs.

From the centre you can also reach a range of fascinating islands across the region, including Tahiti Iti and the Society and French Polynesian Islands. Heading to Tahiti Iti, the southern half of Tahiti, you could surf at the world famous Teahupoo Beach and spot whales in its surrounding oceans. Tahiti Iti offers a slightly more authentic and laid back side of the island where you can take in dramatic natural landscapes. Alternatively you could head to Bora Bora Island and surround yourself by true wilderness. Bora Bora Island is a place where you can trek pristine rainforests, and discover beautiful beaches that make it one of the most romantic islands in the South Pacific. And all across Tahiti you will find a stunning interior, where you can trek the Tahiti Iti plateau and escape to the stunning forests of Fenua Aihere, or join a 4x4 tour for an exciting day out. Wherever you want to go in Tahiti, Brightsun Travel has cheap holidays to Tahiti all year round so that you can make the most of this topical island paradise. Contact us today for hotel packages, discounted airfares and tours that will take you across the island.

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