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Barbados - From north to south Barbados offers a beach haven and a heritage attracting global attention

Barbados is an island in the Caribbean that's distinctly British. In Barbados you can laze on tropical beaches whilst taking traditional British afternoon tea. Here you will find all the beach front delights you would expect from a Caribbean island, alongside 17th century plantation houses, beautiful colonial buildings and a UNESCO World Heritage city. Brightsun Travel offers a range of fantastic holidays to Barbados that takes you to the centre of its beachfront paradise and colonial heritage. The capital of Barbados, Bridgetown, has been recognised for its historical importance by UNESCO, receiving World Heritage status in 2011, and boasts impressive British colonial architecture and beautiful historical buildings. In Bridgetown you can wonder through museums, take in impressive parliament buildings and watch a cricket match from the famous Kensington Oval.

Leaving Bridgetown you have a choice of the glamorous west coast, with serene calm waters, or the more developed south, offering incredible surfing beaches and convenient coastal boardwalks. The wild eastern coast is less frequented by tourists, and unlike its exclusive western neighbour, contains some affordable accommodation options in some of the country’s most unspoilt spots. The interior of Barbados offers a different story altogether. Here sugar cane fields house beautiful plantation houses, such as St Nicholas Abbey, one of the oldest in the region, alongside caves and botanical gardens, such as Hunte’s Gardens. Brightsun Travel offers a range of high end to cheap holidays to Barbados, from its wild east side to its decadent west, and a few undiscovered spots in between. And when it comes to resort options, Barbados can seriously deliver. Here you can find resorts in 19th century colonial buildings, such as the Round House, famous for its Caribbean cuisine which attracts locals and tourists from across the island, and a Hilton resort housing part of the island’s UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Brightsun Travel specialise in all inclusive Barbados holidays, including special 7 night packages in resorts fit for a movie star, and getaways that almost take you back in time.

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