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Barbados Holidays

Barbados is one of the most gorgeous islands in the Caribbean, best known for its tropical natural wonders, pristine coastline, and thrilling water sports. The island offers an endless choice of outdoor adventures; here you could discover the incredible Harrison’s Cave which is considered as the 8th wonder of the world, experience snorkelling with turtles, enjoy an island safari tour through lush terrain, take surfing lessons, and explore beautiful Barbados beaches. 

Barbados has a rich cultural heritage which can be explored at charming historic monuments and sites across the island. St. Nicholas Abbey is one to note; this Jacobean mansion is a former sugarcane plantation which dates back to the 1660s. Don’t forget to try exotic local cuisine at restaurants in Barbados; the country’s national dish is cou cou and flying fish – a delicious and fresh fish stew. 

Barbados consists of four major regions; the island’s upscale West Coast is ideal for luxury Barbados holidays with well-kept beaches, exclusive restaurants, and grand beachfront resorts. The island’s North Coast is filled with rugged natural landscapes such as sugar cane fields, limestone cliffs, and caves, while the East Coast is the island’s surfing hotspot, home to the lively Atlantic Ocean waves. Then there’s the South Coast – a tourist hotspot with lots of nightlife, entertainment, and bustling beaches.  

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Helpful Information About Barbados 

Barbados Currency: You’ll be spending Barbados Dollars, though USD is also widely used.  

Language:  English, though Bajan is widely spoken.  

Local Time in Barbados: Four hours behind GMT. 

Flight Time from the UK: Approximately 8hrs 30mins  

Tourist Information: Visit the official Barbados tourist information site for lots of helpful information regarding upcoming events, where to go, what to do, and how to get around. 

Health/Travel Restrictions: To travel to Barbados, British citizens need a valid passport. A travel visa is not required. For up-to-date travel advice and health recommendations visit the government’s travel advice for Barbados.  

Other FAQs:

Q: Is Barbados in the Commonwealth?

A: Yes, Barbados became a Commonwealth realm in 1966, and in 2021 the island transitioned to a republic, however still remains within the Commonwealth. 


Q: Are there sharks in Barbados?

A: Generally, no sharks are or have been spotted close to the shores of Barbados; those who opt for scuba diving may spot small reef sharks, and occasionally Tiger sharks are spotted on the island’s north coast further out into the Atlantic Ocean. 

Q: When is the Barbados Crop Over?

A: The famous Crop Over festival is marked to celebrate the end of the island’s sugar cane season, usually around July-August time although the dates for it are different each year.

Q: How big is Barbados?

A: Barbados is 14 miles wide and 21 miles long, and has a total area of only 430 km², therefore it’s one of the smaller Caribbean islands. 

Q: What country is Barbados near?

A: Barbados’ neighbours include Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, located to the west of the island, Saint Lucia, which is located to the north of the island, and Trinidad and Tobago, located to the south of the island. 

Top Things to Do in Barbados 

There are plenty of water-based activities and sunbathing sessions to get up to in Barbados, but if you want to explore more of the island away from its beaches, then head to Bridgetown for an epic sightseeing adventure. Here you’ll discover key attractions such as The George Washington House & Museum, the former place of residence for political leader - young George Washington.  

Other top-attractions across the island include St Nicholas Abbey, St. Peter – a former sugarcane planation and heritage house, and Gun Hill Signal Station, St George which was originally built by the British as a protective measure for the island. The historic landmark now contains military artefacts and memorabilia.  

Barbados Weather 

Barbados has a prime location north of the equator which allows sunshine across the island all year round, though there is a wet season between July and November that may see some heavy rains and a potential hurricane risk. The best time to visit Barbados would be during the island’s dry season, particularly January-April when rainfall is low and temperatures average at around 29 degrees Celsius.  

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