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French Polynesia - An Enchanting Gem of the South Pacific

Comprising of over 100 stunning islands in the South Pacific, French Polynesia makes the ultimate tropical getaway. The archipelago boasts a plethora of lush greenery, turquoise lagoons, volcanic mountains, stunning beaches, lush rainforests and more; there is no end to the picture-perfect views and alluring sunsets here. This romantic and relaxing destination is a popular honeymoon choice but it is also very family-friendly. French Polynesia has a warm and relaxed culture and there are many fun experiences to enjoy around the islands including Polynesian music performances, beachside dances and cultural workshops. There’s also a whole range of adventure opportunities across the islands including diving, snorkelling, hiking and waterfall climbing. If one paradise island doesn’t satisfy your travelling desires, then why not island hop via a scenic ferry or choose between a wide choice of inter-island flights to explore this archipelago. Brightsun Travel offers a range of luxury holidays to French Polynesia that will enhance your experience of this enchanting gem.

One of the most glorious islands in French Polynesia is Tahiti, which is home to breath-taking waterfalls, black sand beaches, towering mountains, jungle landscapes and the Arahoho Blowhole - a magnificent lava tunnel that opens into the sea. One of Tahiti’s most beautiful beaches is La Plage de Maui, which is a magical destination to spend the day and appreciate soft white-sands, crystal-clear water and local seafood restaurants. Beyond Tahiti’s beaches and scenery, explore its capital, Papeete – a vibrant destination with a harbour, local market, fascinating museums and a waterfront promenade with gourmet food trucks. Northwest of Tahiti is Moorea, which is another glorious island home to striking scenery, pineapple plantations and charming villages. The island is surrounded by a beautiful blue lagoon, lush green cliffs and some of the world’s most rugged mountains, so scenic beauty is definitely one of its noteworthy qualities. The adventurous traveller will be in their element in Moorea; they can hike to the highest peak of  Mount Tohiea, enjoy a quad-bike tour, go snorkelling in crystal-clear waters, take part in a whale watching tour and swim amongst dolphins, sharks and even sting rays. Sky diving is another thrilling opportunity on the island that keen adrenaline seekers won’t want to miss. Brightsun Travel offers a range of cheap holidays to French Polynesia and its stunning islands of Tahiti and Moorea.

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