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Israel Holidays

Israel is a beautiful country of the Middle East with a plethora of things to see and experience, including an alluring Mediterranean coastline, dramatic natural landscapes, museums galore, important religious sites, a booming culinary scene, a dynamic night life, and eclectic cities with thriving local cultures which you can immerse in by visiting bustling street food markets and watching street performances. If you are longing to see this charming country for yourself, then you’re in the right place as Brightsun Travel offers cheap holidays to Israel.

Israel is a historic land, dating back thousands of years. The country is home to some of the oldest cities in the world and a plethora of heritage sites and monuments, from old-world German villages to Roman ruins and ancient fortresses. One of the most iconic historic attractions in Israel is the famous Masada - a UNESCO World Heritage Site set in the heart of the Judean Desert. The archaeological site of Caesarea is another fantastic sightseeing spot; this former Roman city contains some well-preserved Roman remains.

Israel is a sacred country offering once-in-a-lifetime experiences; amongst the country’s holy sites is the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth with mineral rich waters and mud baths that are said to promote healing. There are many other sacred sites across Israel that are significant to various major religions, including the Sea of Galilee in the north which is where Christians believe that Jesus walked on water, and the Western Wall, the world’s most sacred Jewish site. Book cheap Israel holidays, including holiday packages to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv with Brightsun and look forward to an enriching getaway.

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Top Destinations In Israel



Jerusalem has a fascinating history as one of the world's oldest cities. It has powerful, religious significance for many faiths, and much of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Famous landmarks date back thousands of years, including the Western or Wailing Wall which once formed part of an ancient Jewish temple. The landscape beyond the city contains beautiful, rugged scenery where there are hiking trails through pine forests and valleys. The modern centre of Jerusalem has exclusive shopping malls. There is also exciting nightlife with contemporary bars, restaurants, and live music venues concentrated near Zion Square.


Tel Aviv

The city of Tel Aviv borders the Mediterranean Sea. It was founded in 1909 and has developed a distinctive image. It is often referred to as ‘the city that never sleeps' on account of the energetic nightlife of bars, restaurants, and cultural events. The architecture of the White City district features at least 4,000 buildings in the style of the Bauhaus movement of 1930s Germany. Tel Aviv is noted for its vast selection of parks and botanical gardens. Outdoor activities near the beaches include paragliding and scuba diving. There are also many hiking and cycling trails around the city.

Helpful Information About Israel

Currency: You’ll be spendings Israeli new shekels.

Language: Hebrew is the official language.

Local Time: Two hours in advance of GMT.

Flight Time from the UK: Approximately five hours.

Tourist Information: Visit the official Israel tourist information site for lots of helpful information regarding upcoming events, where to go, what to do, and how to get around.

Health/Travel Restrictions: To travel to Israel, British citizens need a valid passport. A visa is not required. For up-to-date travel advice and health recommendations visit the government’s Israel travel advice.

Other FAQs:

Q: Do I need a visa for my holiday to Israel?

A: You can stay for up to three months without one.

Q: When’s the best time to visit Israel on holiday?

A: Spring and autumn are usually ideal for holidays.

Q: Is Israel safe for a holiday?

A: It's usually safe in tourist areas but please follow official advice.

Q: Is there a dress code to visit Israel?

A: Avoid clothing bearing religious or political references.

Q: Is Israel in the EU?

A: It's not a member, but an associated state.

Top Things to Do in Israel

Jerusalem's Church of the Holy Sepulchre marks the spot where Jesus was crucified. The church dates back to 325 AD and features Romanesque architecture. The atmospheric Via Dolorosa, 'the Way of Grief', is a pathway that retraces Jesus' final journey through the ancient alleyways of the Old Town. Temple Mount includes the Dome of the Rock, a Muslim holy site. One of the best hiking trails around Jerusalem is the Mount Eilan Loop which runs through the Sataf Forest and has amazing views. The Yehuda Market is bursting with charm, along with fresh produce, spices, grilled meat, and coffee.

Tel Aviv is an ideal base for outdoor activities, particularly scuba diving. Exciting dive sites include a reef known as the Gordon Caves, and the Caesarea Underwater Old Port, a fascinating lost city that dates from the first century BC. Tel Aviv's green spaces are very popular, especially HaYarkon Park, which covers 3.5 square kilometres. It includes different gardens, swans, and walking and cycling trails. The district of Old Jaffa pre-dates Tel Aviv and has quaint, narrow streets and archways. There are also small craft shops, cafes, and wine bars. Tel Aviv also has several museums and art galleries.

Weather in Israel

July and August are the hottest months with temperatures reaching 32°C (90F). January is the coldest month at 10°C (50°F). It's also the wettest with around 5.7 inches of rain. It rarely rains in August.

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