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Brazil Holidays

Brazil is captivating and beautiful with some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world, bustling towns and cities including Brasília – the capital of Brazil, diverse cultures, a year-round calendar of festivals and events, and mouth-watering food, to name just a few. This samba spirited country offers something special for all types of traveller, that’s for sure. We offer a great choice of cheap holidays to Brazil from the UK, transporting you to this South American travel hotspot in style.   

Brazil is the most biodiverse country in the world, so it’s fair to say that the country is a nature lover’s paradise. There’s an abundance of national parks spread across Brazil, allowing you to spot animals in the wild, explore lagoons and caves, marvel at mountains, and admire glistening waterfalls. Brazil is also home to the incredible Amazon River and Amazon Rainforest, both of which provide the ultimate backdrop for outdoor adventures. 

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Arosa Rio Hotel

Avenida Henrique Valadares, 150, Centro, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 20231-031, Brazil

Bed and Breakfast 7 Nights
From £899 per person View Offer

Windsor Marapendi

Av. Lúcio Costa, 5400 - Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22630-012, Brazil

Bed and Breakfast 7 Nights
From £1259 per person View Offer

Top Destinations In Brazil


Rio De Janeiro

Book your break to Brazil and base your stay in Rio de Janeiro, an iconic city with sightseeing attractions galore, including the towering Christ the Redeemer statue. Rio also boasts fine art museums, lush verdant landscapes, the famous Copacabana Beach, entertainment hubs, and the breath-taking Sugarloaf Mountain. Plan your trip around the city’s epic Brazil Carnival and look forward to the party of a life time. 

Helpful Information about Brazil 

Brazil Currency: You’ll be spending Brazilian reals. 

Brazil Language: Portuguese  

Local Time: 3 hours behind GMT.  

Flight Time from the UK: Approximately 11 hours 40 minutes from London. 

Tourist Information: Visit the official Brazil tourist information site for lots of helpful information regarding upcoming events, where to go, what to do, and how to get around. 

Health/Travel Restrictions: To travel to Brazil, British citizens need a valid passport. A travel visa is not required. For up-to-date travel advice and health recommendations visit the government’s travel advice for Brazil. 

Other FAQs:

Q: What does Rio de Janeiro mean?

A: Rio de Janeiro translates to January River, which is what Portuguese founders named the city back in the 16th century when it was discovered.  

Q: When is the best time to visit Rio de Janeiro?

A: This all depends on what a holiday to Rio de Janeiro means to individual holidaymakers. If it’s the Carnaval that interests you, then make sure you visit in February or March; for hotter weather, you should travel in the summer between December and March, but this season does see more rainfall; if you’d like to avoid the rain, then visit during the winter between June and August which sees cooler temperatures, though still mild. 

Q: Where is Rio de Janeiro?

A: Rio de Janeiro is situated south east of Brazil in the South Atlantic Ocean, close by to the Tropic of Capricorn. 

Q: Is Rio de Janeiro safe?

A: Rio de Janeiro unfortunately has high levels of criminal activity which includes theft, robbery, and pickpocketing with tourists being targets, and the city also has violent crime. To avoid being a target to crime in the city, visitors can ensure they take precautions such as staying vigilant, being aware of riskier areas, avoiding wearing expensive jewellery or carrying large sums of money, and keeping mobile phones and cameras out of sight. 

Top Things to do in Brazil 

Visitors to the eclectic city of Rio de Janeiro Brazil can look forward to a myriad of exciting tourist experiences, including tram rides up to the peak of Sugarloaf Mountain, climbing the famous steps to Christ the Redeemer statue, relaxing with an exotic cocktail or mocktail on the iconic Copacabana Beach, visiting the Maracanã soccer stadium, and exploring the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden. Other must-see Rio de Janeiro landmarks include the Escadaria Selarón in Santa Tereza and the São Bento church and monastery. 

Brazil Weather 

Brazil is a large and extensive country with several different climates, including equatorial in the Amazon Basin which sees year-round rainfall, a tropical climate in central regions with a dry season in the winter between June and August and wet season in the summer from December to March, and a Mediterranean-like climate in the south of the country with mild winters and hot summers. 

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