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Adventure Holidays - From desert inspired adventures to the most spectacular wildlife shows on earth

If you are looking for adventure on your next trip abroad, contact Brightsun Travel about some incredible holidays, where you can explore the Arabian deserts by 4x4, marvel at rock formations in the ancient outback of Australia or go on safari in Africa.

Surrounding Ras Al Khaimah and Muscat in the Middle East are deserts and mountains that offer a range of adventures for the thrill seeking traveller. A day trip to the sand dunes of the ‘Empty Quarter’ near Muscat would offer you the desert excursion of a lifetime, and the majestic Hajar Mountains and desert in Ras Al Khaimah offer adventure in true Arabian style, with the chance to travel through deserts in a 4x4, and abseil down magnificent mountain sides. Brightsun Travel can help you design adventurous and exclusive holidays to Ras Al Khaimah, this affordable region in the Middle East, that won't break the budget.

What better adventure in Africa than going on a safari? In Tanzania you can explore the Serengeti National Park, trek up Mount Kilimanjaro and watch one of the most spectacular wildlife shows on earth, the Great Migration. In South Africa there's Kruger National Park and the Drakensberg range of table top peaks, one of the most astounding landscapes in the world. Elsewhere in Africa, Virunga National Park provides sanctuary to the world’s last remaining mountain gorillas and contains diverse landscapes, with snow-capped mountains and glaciers alongside forests and savannahs. Brightsun Travel offers many cheap holidays to Africa and great value safari adventures in some of the continent’s most precious National Parks.

Finally there's Australia, offering adventures galore in its vast desert regions and colourful underwater worlds surrounding the Great Barrier Reef. In the states of Western Australia and the Northern Territory you will discover the Australian outback, home to ancient natural landscapes and rock formations, as well as one of the oldest surviving cultures on earth. Here you can explore Aboriginal culture and visit the iconic destination of Ayres Rock. Contact Brightsun Travel about a range of cheap holidays to Australia that will take you right to the centre of all that Australia has to offer an adventure seeking traveller.

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