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Best Beach Holidays Around the Globe – From the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean & Southeast Asia

We all could do with an indulgent beach break now and again. Brightsun Travel offers beach holidays to many iconic destinations around the globe, including European hotspots such as Greece, Spain, Cyprus, and Turkey, all of which boast a pleasant Mediterranean climate, guaranteeing warm sunshine for you to enjoy the beaches. Travel a little further to Africa and experience the breath-taking beaches of Tanzania, boasting soft white sands and lush coconut palms.

For the ultimate beach escape, consider one of the Indian Ocean islands like the Maldives, Mauritius, or Seychelles, all of which boast awe-inspiring natural landscapes and pristine coastlines with crystal-clear waters. Then, of course, there’s the Caribbean, frequented by Hollywood stars and British royalty, offering indulgence with luxurious beachfront resorts. Elsewhere North America is Honolulu, Hawaii’s colourful capital with bustling beach hubs along the Pacific Ocean.

For a stylish beach and city break rolled into one, consider visiting Abu Dhabi or Dubai in the Middle East, with backdrops of impressive skylines. Finally, how could we forget the gems of Southeast Asia? Thailand is well known for its beach holidays, with the original, and some would argue the best, being on the island of Phuket. Elsewhere in Southeast Asia are the tropical hotspots of Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines, all of which promise a blissful beach break.

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