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Cairo Holidays

Holidays to Cairo, Egypt

If you are looking for a holiday that features one of the Seven Wonders of the World, famous UNESCO World heritage sites, plus deserts and mountainous landscapes, then Cairo might be just the place for you. Brightsun Travel offers exclusive holidays to Cairo, featuring ancient historical tours of the capital city, as well as magical day trips to the Egyptian Pyramids, Mount Sinai and the Egyptian deserts. Starting in Cairo, you could immerse yourself in history and enjoy the city’s many mosques, museums and markets, like the Al Azhar Mosque and the Ibn Mosque, both extraordinary examples of Islamic architecture, which date back centuries. Alternatively, head to the Egypt Museum and discover the remains of the Pharaohs from 1650 BC and the famous black statue of Khafre. Wander around the back street markets of Khan al-Khalili, which date back to the 14th century, and you could haggle for anything from spices and gold. To end your city tour, you could take a trip to the top of the Cairo Tower and enjoy spectacular views of the city and its surrounding landscapes from 200 metres up high.

From Cairo you can experience some of the most famous and breath-taking landscapes on the planet. Simply take a cruise down the River Nile on a traditional sailboat and you can experience the sights of the city and its surrounds from the water. Or, you could take a once in a lifetime trip to see one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Egyptian Pyramids, which were built by over 10,000 workers and date back over 4,000 years. And, for many, a trip to Cairo is not complete without a visit to the sacred Mount Sinai, claimed by some to be the biblical Mount Sinai, mentioned in the Bible and Quran. Also, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Saint Catherine’s Monastery, reported by UNESCO to be one of the oldest working monasteries in the world, is just a short side trip from Cairo. Perhaps you’d like to venture into the Egyptian deserts, such as the White Desert National Park, and explore a desert that is littered with crystals? Contact Brightsun Travel about our luxury holidays to Cairo, so that you can discover all that this incredible city and its surrounding landscapes have to offer this holiday.

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