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Jamaica - As Bob Marley put it, 'Come to Jamaica and feel all right!'

Jamaica, historically known as the birthplace of Bob Marley and reggae music, and recently as the home of Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt, is an iconic holiday destination with guaranteed relaxation. Brightsun Travel offers cheap holidays to Jamaica where you can relax, Jamaican style. Jamaica boasts a tropical island setting alongside a serious slice of culture. Its capital, Kingston, is at the heart of Jamaican culture and a mecca for reggae music. Once home to the legendary reggae artist Bob Marley, Kingston now offers plenty of contemporary reggae bars and museums devoted to the singer and all that he stood for. Only a 2 hour drive from the city is Ocho Rios, offering breathtaking scenery of the island’s landscapes, including the Blue Mountains, and the famous Jamaica Inn. Opened in the 1950s, the Jamaica Inn was once a honeymoon destination for Hollywood royalty including Marilyn Monroe, as well as a beachside getaway for Sir Winston Churchill. Here you can stay in colonial style cottages, play croquet on well kept lawns or take tea in its beautiful beachside restaurant. Brightsun Travel offers fantastic holidays to Jamaica to help you enjoy all that this tropical island, rich in culture and heritage, has to offer.

Whilst Jamaica is known for its glamorous resorts in Montego Bay, it also offers island hideaways where you can experience Jamaica’s authentic laid back life style. Port Antonio, a hotspot in the 1960’s to the likes of Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor, is a quaint market town, where you can eat some of the best curries in Jamaica, swim in the Blue Lagoon and, if you really want a slice of resort heaven, stay in waterfront villas with infinity pools. Then there’s Falmouth, the best preserved Georgian town in Jamaica, offering fine examples of British colonial architecture alongside multi million dollar cruise ports. For a slice of Jamaican nature, this ‘Land of Springs’ offers plenty of rivers and waterfalls scattered across the island, including the famous Dunn’s River Falls. In the rainforest adventure parks you can bobsleigh through the forest like something off the set of the Disney movie ‘Cool Runnings’, and in Negril you can explore the island’s underwater delights. Whether it's relaxing to the sound of reggae music or lounging in upscale resorts, Brightsun Travel has a range of exclusive holidays to Jamaica to suit a range of tastes.

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