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Caribbean - An iconic island paradise with some of the world’s best beaches, colonial heritage and stunning natural wonders

The Caribbean is one of those iconic holiday destinations, frequented by Hollywood and British royalty, attracted by its incredible island setting. Brightsun Travel offers a range of fantastic holidays to Caribbean from the warm shores of Antigua to the relaxed bars of Jamaica. Tourists flock to Antigua for its incredible beaches, rocky coastlines and uninhabited islands offering remote bays, unspoilt National Parks and historical harbours. On Barbuda, Antigua’s sister island, you can discover pink sands lining pristine beaches and an abundance of marine life. In Barbados you will find all the beach front delights you would expect from a Caribbean island, alongside 17th century plantation houses, beautiful colonial buildings and a UNESCO World Heritage city. Grenada is one of the lesser developed islands in the Caribbean, where you can hike through protected forests in the mountains and swim through marine protected areas in the oceans, as well as visit spice plantations dating back hundreds of years. The island also boasts breathtaking pockets of protected wild rainforest, some of the most biologically rich remaining wild forests of the Caribbean.

Brightsun Travel specialise in all inclusive Caribbean holidays to some of the region’s most impressive islands. In St Lucia nature is all around you can spot majestic sea horses in its oceans and see endangered parrots taking sanctuary in its mesmerising rainforests. The Bahamas is known for its glitzy resorts, set on the well known and appropriately named Paradise Island. Away from Paradise Island you can hop around 700 or more islands, from the remote Outer Islands to Harbour Island, a destination of choice for New Yorkers wanting a slice of care free island life. Elsewhere in the Caribbean, Jamaica boasts a tropical island setting alongside a serious slice of culture, from the birthplace of reggae music to British colonial architecture, and the Cayman Islands offer three islands with beachfront resorts, woodlands lined with exotic orchids and some of the best dive sites in the region. Whatever you are looking for from the Caribbean, talk to Brightsun Travel about some of our cheap holidays to Caribbean offering you your very own slice of this island paradise.

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