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Bali - Not just a beach lover’s paradise

The ever popular Bali, a tropical island in Indonesia famous for its lively bars and sandy beaches, has been attracting tourists from around the globe for decades. Brightsun Travel offers a variety of cheap holidays to Bali, taking advantage of the region’s budget conscious beach hotels, as well as luxury packages to some of the best resorts in the whole of Indonesia. Kuta Beach is where tourism to Bali began, and is still a huge draw for tourists. But beaches on the southern tip of the island on the Butik Peninsula are some of Bali’s most beautiful, so much so that they have featured in Hollywood movies like ‘Eat, Pray, Love’. Other beaches in Bali offer spectacular reef breaks for surfers and amazing shipwrecks surrounded in coral for snorkelling and diving adventures. The neighbourhoods that line Bali’s popular beaches offer plenty to do away from the water, with Seminyak at the centre of the action providing a mix of glitzy nightlife, candlelit bars and imaginative boutiques, and Ubud, Bali’s artistic hub, offering streets lined with galleries and skies lit up with open air cocktail bars. Brightsun Travel have a range of Bali holidays to suit everyone's taste and budget, close to its vibrant beaches and trendy neighbourhoods.

Away from its tourist centre, Bali is famed for its iconic rice fields and lush green forests, and venturing into Bali’s interior reveals a very different side to the island. Even though almost all of Bali’s natural habitat, once home to the now extinct Balinese Tiger, has been cleared, small pockets of ancient forests remain. West Bali National Park is now a conservation area providing sanctuary to Bali’s native songbird, the Bali Starling, and contains lush jungles dotted with ancient temples. Rice cultivation has shaped other parts of Bali’s interior since the 11th century, and the cultural landscape surrounding rice cultivation has attracted World Heritage status. Bali’s ‘subak’ system manages Balinese rice cultivation in such a way that there is no need for fertilisers or pesticides, where water flows through water temples, and landscapes are seen to have sacred connections. Brightsun Travel offer exclusive holidays to Bali that allow you to explore not only its breath-taking interior, but also its coastline.

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