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Egypt - Take an Egyptian tour back in time

Egypt, a country dating back to the time of the Pharos and linking Africa and the Middle East, is a place of enormous significance, offering visitors so much to do and see it is hard to narrow it down. But Brightsun Travel has a range of exclusive holidays to Egypt, incorporating the magnificent Egyptian Pyramids, amazing Egyptian deserts, world class dive sites, and some of the most important archaeological and historical sites in the world. Starting in Cairo, take a trip back in time at the Egypt Museum in Downtown Cairo, showcasing arguably the world’s most important collection of ancient artefacts. The museum houses the remains of the Pharos from 1650 BC in its Royal Mummies Hall, as well as the famous black statue of Khafre. Elsewhere in Cairo there are beautiful historic buildings including the Al Azhar Mosque founded in 970 AD.

On from Cairo and you are spoilt for choice where to go next. No tour of Egypt is complete without a visit to the Egyptian Pyramids, a worldwide marvel. Egypt is also home to one of the most important sacred places in the Jewish, Christian and Islamic religion, Mount Sinai, claimed by some to be the biblical Mount Sinai, mentioned in the Bible and Quran. At the foot of Mount Sinai is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Saint Catherine’s Monastery, reported by UNESCO to be one of the oldest working monasteries in the world. As well as architectural and archaeological wonders, Egypt is also home to one of the best dive sites in the world, Ras Mohammed National Park, with spectacular diving reefs, magical shipwrecks and over 200 species of coral, 1000 species of fish and a chance to catch a glimpse of sea turtles and sharks. And last but not least, the Egyptian deserts. The White Desert National Park is a magical desert with strange chalk towers and surreal statues, and littered with crystals. Best viewed from the nearby Twin Peaks Mountains, the desert also offers visitors a chance to camp overnight – a magical Egyptian experience. Contact Brightsun Travel today for a range of Egyptian holidays and tours to make sure your Egyptian wish list comes true.

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