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Visit Jerusalem - One of the World’s Most Sacred Cities

Jerusalem, Israel’s largest city is unlike any other city you would have ever visited. Everything about this distinct Middle East gem is totally awe-inspiring and bewildering. Jerusalem has a great Mediterranean climate with pleasant weather all year round, plus plenty of charming streets lined with atmospheric souks, a happening night life with wine bars, live music venues and dance clubs and a diverse culinary scene, with authentic Middle Eastern dishes and delectable international cuisines served at fine dining restaurants and street food vendors. Jerusalem is one of the world’s oldest cities, so there is a lot of history to delve into here and various architectural wonders and archaeological sites that showcase remnants of several civilisations, including the Romans, Ottomans, Imperial British and Egyptians. Make sure you explore Jerusalem’s Old City; this ancient marvel is full of cobbled laneways and comprises of four distinct quarters: the Jewish Quarter, Christian Quarter, Muslim Quarter and Armenian Quarter. Brightsun Travel offers a selection of great value holidays to Jerusalem, taking you to the heart of this historic city and allowing you to explore its incredible ancient sites.

Jerusalem is famously known as the Holy Land as it’s connected to the three major religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Anyone who celebrates these religions or who are just simply curious about them should definitely take a trip here. Jerusalem is home to some of the world’s holiest religious sites, including the Temple Mount, the Western Wall and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Another sacred site accessible via Jerusalem is the Dead Sea, which is the lowest point on earth. The mineral rich waters of the Dead Sea are considered to have healing powers, and you can actually float in these waters due to the high salt concentration. There are many other interesting attractions worth visiting in Jerusalem which allow you to immerse in the city’s authentic cultures, including the Israel Museum which is one of the world’s leading art and archaeology venues, the Yad Vashem museum which tells enlightening stories about the Holocaust and the bustling Machane Yehuda market, a delight for the senses with various exotic food and spice stalls. Book a holiday to Jerusalem with Brightsun and look forward to discovering this colourful city.

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