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Best Holidays to the Canary Islands – Sun, Sea, Golden Sands, & Natural Wonders

The Canary Islands offer a tropical holiday minus the long-haul flight, with an average flight time of 4-5 hours, and also minus the hefty price tag, as hotels are very affordable - even the luxury ones! On a holiday to the Canary Islands you can look forward to admiring natural settings, relaxing on blissful beaches, and taking part in fun water and land based excursions, and with the islands’ proximity to Africa, there is warm sunshine all year round.

Visit Lanzarote, a popular tourist destination of the Canary Islands with dramatic natural landscapes, beautiful black sand beaches with a fresh, welcoming breeze, exciting leisure activities such as water sports, and lots of fresh seafood dishes. Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands is also popular with holidaymakers, boasting gorgeous beaches, golden dunes, a lively nightlife, and stunning all-inclusive resorts, not to mention delicious Mediterranean cuisine.

Then there’s Gran Canaria, also filled with beaches, sand dunes, bustling beach resorts, and flavoursome food, plus charming harbourside villages and fun-filled tourist attractions such as water parks and wildlife parks. Whichever destination you choose for your Canary Island holiday, you’ll be in for a treat. There’s something for everyone in the Canary Islands, so whether you’re travelling as a family, couple, group of friends, or even solo, contact us and let us help you plan a well-deserved break.

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