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Visit Saudi Arabia – A Fascinating Kingdom in the Middle East

Saudi Arabia is a beautiful Middle Eastern destination which makes the perfect getaway for an intrepid jet setter. This extremely authentic country offers plenty of diversity in terms of cultures, a rich heritage and a unique selection of tourist experiences, as well as breath-taking landscapes which includes the Arabian Desert, dramatic mountains and stunning rivers. Saudi Arabia is also home to the Red Sea coastline which has lots of pristine beaches and offers amazing diving opportunities; some of the diving sites here have ancient shipwrecks, as well as colourful marine life including sharks, rays, barracudas, turtles and reef fish. Another fantastic wildlife attraction in Saudi Arabia is the Prince Saud Al-Faisal Wildlife Research Center, which is responsible for the conservation of endangered Arabian animal species including the red-necked ostrich and Arabian leopard. Shopping is another major leisure activity in Saudi Arabia; there are various retail options available, including contemporary high-end malls, traditional markets and gold souks. If you do visit a souq, then make sure you haggle for a great bargain. Brightsun Travel offers cheap holidays to Saudi Arabia, taking you to the heart of this Middle Eastern haven.

Saudi Arabia is the original birthplace of Islam and therefore a very spiritual destination with lots of religious charm. The country is home to the iconic Mecca and Medina, two of the most important Islamic sites which are visited by millions of Muslims each and every year. Unfortunately, these sites are not open to non-Muslims, but there are so many other wonderful jewels to explore including five World Heritage Sites. The iconic Al-Hijr Archaeological Site is one of them, featuring a selection of well-preserved tombs, cave drawings and inscriptions from the pre-Nabataean period. Another captivating World Heritage Site here is the Rock Art in the Hail Region, a significant collection of carved rock panels, some covering 10,000 years of history. This desert country also specialises in traditional Middle Eastern cuisines which are renowned for their exotic and rich spices and flavours. Shawarmas, falafels and kabsa are the must-tries, and there are also various international cuisines on offer in fine dine restaurants across the country. After sampling mouth-watering dishes, you just have to experience the country’s vibrant café culture and try Arabic tea or coffee with dates, another delight for the taste buds. Book a great value holiday to Saudia Arabia now and look forward to an array of unforgettable travel experiences.

Please contact the Foreign and Commonwealth Office UK for full travel advice on Saudi Arabia.

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