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Jeddah – An Authentic Saudi Arabian Jewel with Boundless Cultural Charm

Jeddah is a beautiful Saudi Arabian city situated on the Red Sea. This cosmopolitan gem is often considered as Saudi Arabia’s leisure capital from its development over recent years, and it’s the country’s most popularly visited destination offering a mixture of historic sites, museums, beaches, shopping hubs and fascinating traditional Arabic cultures. Jeddah is a buzzing city with plenty of exploration opportunities. The renowned Tahlia Street is the city’s main tourist hub and a good place to start your itinerary, featuring many retail outlets and boutiques, as well as restaurants, cafes and hotels. Al-Balad, Jeddah’s old quarter is another highlight of the city with a labyrinth of backstreets, markets, souqs and preserved ancient architecture. Then there’s the waterfront Jeddah Corniche, which is a great spot to get a feel of local cultures, admire public sculptures, sit back and relax in a waterfront cafe and witness some amazing Arabian sunsets by the sea. Brightsun Travel offers great value holidays to Jeddah, including a package to the excellent 4* Centro Salama hotel which is set conveniently in the heart of the city.

Jeddah is a shopper’s paradise with some excellent options to shop until you drop. There are plenty of traditional markets and shops to browse, as well as mega shopping malls featuring designer goods. The Red Sea mall is a popular shopping hub with various shops, entertainment facilities, children’s activities and restaurants. For a more local shopping experience, visit Souq Al Alawi which sells a unique range of souvenirs, frankincense oils, jewellery, Arabic perfumes and traditional clothing items. After spending some time shopping, continue on to explore Jeddah’s other amazing attractions. The Floating Mosque is amongst them; this striking architectural building is set over the sea and appears as though it’s floating, as it’s built on a set of underwater pillars. The beautiful white mosque is best viewed at sunrise and sunset when it’s particularly tranquil. Finally, visit King Fahd’s Fountain, an immense attraction set on the Red Sea. The fountain illuminates in the evening which is a true spectacle, visible from many areas of the city. Book a getaway to Jeddah with Brightsun and look forward to lots of fun-filled experiences.

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