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Luxury Holidays to Cuba – A Land of Beaches, Rum, Culture, & Sightseeing

Cuba, the largest of the Caribbean islands is an idyllic travel destination with some of the most gorgeous beaches in North America, blessed with soft white sands, lush palms, and crystal-clear waters, plus leisure activities including snorkelling and water sports. The island’s most popular beach spot is Varadero Beach, offering more than 20km of sandy coastline, as well as entertainment venues and stylish beachfront resorts.

What sets Cuba apart from its neighbouring Caribbean islands is its long and rich history, especially in Havana, the colourful Cuban capital which looks as though it has stood still in time with a number of heritage sites and colonial landmarks, including the Plaza de la Revolucion, the Havana Cathedral, and the National Capitol Building. Havana also has a buzzing live music scene with the sweet sounds of rumba, salsa, and jazz.

Away from Cuba’s cities are pretty rural settings which also make for incredible travel experiences. One of the island’s most impressive natural wonders is Viñales Valley, which is surrounded by mountains and filled with towering limestone outcrops. Here you can experience fun outdoor activities including hiking and learn about the traditional practices involved with tobacco growing. Brightsun Travel offers package holidays to Cuba, transporting you to this diverse Caribbean nation in style.

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