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Denmark holidays

Denmark Holiday

Denmark is an off-the-beaten-path destination boasting everything from bustling cities and laid-back islands to a vibrant cultural scene, with museums and galleries galore and a busy calendar of festivals and events. There are lots of sightseeing opportunities in Denmark; old Baroque-style buildings and Renaissance palaces dominate, representing the country’s rich heritage and several historic eras.

Denmark’s capital Copenhagen is definitely worth exploring; here you can delve deep into the country’s cultural heritage, with key attractions such as the National Museum and Amalienborg Palace. Copenhagen is also considered as the food capital of Scandinavia with over 15 Michelin star restaurants, plus seafood joints, cafes, markets, and traditional family run restaurants.

Away from Denmark’s cities and mainland are some incredible islands. The Faroe Islands are worth noting, situated between Scotland and Iceland with breath-taking landscapes of mountains, valleys, and waterfalls. The Faroe Islands offer a laid back getaway though there’s plenty to get up to; you could take a scenic coastal walk, go island hopping, and admire ancient monuments, to name a few.

Map of Denmark

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Hotel Føroyar

45 Oyggjarvegur, Tórshavn 100, Faroe Islands

Bed and Breakfast 5 Nights
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Hotel Brandan

Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

Bed and Breakfast 5 Nights
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Hilton Garden Inn Faroe Islands

Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

Bed and Breakfast 5 Nights
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Top Destinations In Denmark


Faroe Islands

This awesome archipelago comprises 18 islands which are situated in the North Atlantic Ocean, between Iceland and Scotland. These mountainous islands offer the ultimate escape, set among cliffsides, verdant valleys, and plunging waterfalls. The Faroe Islands are believed to date back as far as 300 AD, and though there’s a slow pace of life here, there’s plenty to see and do with a dynamic music scene, vibrant art, historic landmarks, and thrilling outdoor adventures.

The majority of the Faroe Islands are connected via bridges, ferries, and tunnels, so you could enjoy a real island-hopping adventure. There is so much awe-inspiring scenery to admire which you can do by embarking on mountain and coastal walks. The quaint Gjogv village is particularly picturesque, located on the island of Eysturoy, one of the largest of the Faroe Islands home to ancient Viking communities, charming villages, and towering mountains.

The Northern Faroe Islands are worth exploring, known as Nordoyggjar. Here you can immerse in culture, admire dramatic coastlines, take part in traditional festivals, and spot native birdlife. Then there’s Sandoy and Suduroy, the southernmost islands; Sandoy boasts fishing villages with colourful buildings and boat trip opportunities, and Suduroy offers nature at its best with hiking trails galore. Or you could visit the archipelago’s capital Torshavn, a cultural haven located on Streymoy Island - the largest of the Faroe Islands.

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Helpful Information About Denmark

Currency: You’ll be spending Danish Krone, Faroese Krone.

Language: Danish! Faroese is spoken in the Faroe Islands.

Local Time: Compared to Greenwich Mean Time, Denmark is two hours ahead, the Faroes are only one hour.

Flight time from the UK: Approximately one hour, fifty minutes to Denmark, but two hours fifteen minutes to the Faroes.

Tourist Information: Visit the official Danish tourist information and Faroe Islands tourist information sites for lots of helpful information regarding upcoming events, where to go, what to do, and how to get around.

Health/Travel Restrictions:To travel to Denmark, British citizens need a valid passport. A visa is not required. For up to date travel advice and health recommendations visit the government’s travel advice for Denmark.

Other FAQs:

Q: Do I need vaccinations to visit Denmark?

A: COVID-19, hepatitis and tetanus are recommended, but not compulsory.

Q: Do I need additional documentation for travelling to Denmark?


Q: When should you holiday in Denmark?

A: June to August. May to August for the Faroes.

Top Things to Do in Denmark

There are many attractions in Denmark including Legoland, the Christiansborg Palace and the harbour at Nyhavn that's lined with colourful seventeenth-century architecture. Visitors to the Faroe Islands usually head for Tinganes, the Old Town alongside the harbour of Torshavn. Many of the historic wooden buildings were built in the early sixteenth century and still feature their original roofs made of turf. Like many of the houses in mainland Denmark, they are brightly painted.

The oldest wooden house is King's Farm, a working agricultural museum that's run by the descendants of its sixteenth-century occupants. Torshavn's National Museum celebrates Denmark's Viking culture, particularly in relation to the Faroes. There are displays of local geological interest, ancient skeletons, and Viking artefacts such as the famous Kirkjubour runestone. The whitewashed Saint Olav's church overlooking the bay was built in the twelfth century.

The treeless landscape of the Faroes features many impressive hiking trails. Along the routes are several spectacular waterfalls tumbling down the black, volcanic mountains. The Fossa is the tallest, with a drop of 140 metres. Mulafossur has a descent of 60 metres. The tiny village of Saksun is located in a remote bay surrounded by mountains and many waterfalls.

Weather in Denmark

July is Denmark's hottest month with temperatures reaching 21°C (70°F). The Faroes' highest temperature of 12°C (53°F) is in August. Autumn is often Denmark's wettest season. Annually, the Faroes have 210 days of rain. The coldest month in the Faroes and Denmark is February with temperatures of 1.6°C (35°F) and 6°C (43°F) respectively.

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