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Experience a Unique Caribbean Sojourn in Dominica 

Dominica is considered as a hidden gem of the Caribbean Sea; it hasn’t been taken over by tourists and is very much off-the-beaten-path, offering an entirely different take on the Caribbean. This mountainous island nation is filled with natural beauty; admire hot springs, tropical rainforests, volcanic landscapes, rivers, and beautiful Dominica beaches. Brightsun Travel offers cheap Dominica holidays, transporting you to this unspoilt nation. 

Dominica boasts some of the world’s finest snorkelling and scuba diving locations offering once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Southwest of the island is the Soufriere - Scott’s Head Marine Reserve which protects an abundance of colourful wildlife, from rays and seahorses to hawksbill turtles and octopus. The Champagne Reef is a highlight here, named after its bubbling waters which rise from thermal springs in the ocean. 

Dominica is a thriving cultural centre with lots of fun festivals and events celebrated throughout the year. The Mas Domnik carnival is the country’s largest scale event celebrating a mixture of French and African traditions with dance, music, art, rum, and local Dominica food. Mas Domnik is an annual event hosted every February and is best celebrated in Roseau, the capital of Dominica. 

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Fort Young Hotel

Victoria Street, P.O Box 519, Roseau, Dominica, West Indies

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Helpful Information About Dominica 

Dominica Currency: You’ll be spending Eastern Caribbean Dollars, though USD is also widely used.  

Dominica Language:  English, though Kwéyòl is widely spoken.  

Local Time in Dominica: Four hours behind GMT. 

Flight Time from the UK: there are no direct flights from the UK to Dominica, but many airlines offer connecting flights, and timings vary depending on where you connect from.  

Tourist Information: Visit the official Dominica tourist information site for lots of helpful information regarding upcoming events, where to go, what to do, and how to get around. 

Health/Travel Restrictions: To travel to Dominica, British citizens need a valid passport. A travel visa is not required. For up-to-date travel advice and health recommendations visit the government’s travel advice for Dominica.  

Other FAQs:

Q: Is Dominica safe?

A: Dominica is relatively safe yes; it has one of the lowest crime rates across the Caribbean, although it is still recommended to take precautions like keeping belongings safe, as petty theft still can occur. 

Q: Is Dominica the same as Dominican Republic?

A: No, Dominica and Dominican Republic are two separate Caribbean island nations. Dominica is located in the Windward Islands, whereas the Dominican Republic is located on the island of Hispaniola. 

Q: When is the best time to visit Dominica?

A: We’d recommend visiting during the island’s dry season; its driest period is between January-June.  

Q: What is the electricity voltage for Dominica?

A: Dominica’s electricity supply is 220 volts, though a lot of hotels here often feature 220/110 voltage. 

Top Things to do in Dominica 

In Roseau, the Dominica capital, visitors can head to the Old Market Square which has a rich history. This former slave market has transformed into a bustling marketplace with local craftsmen selling their wares. Other key historic sites include the Old Post Office, Anglican Church, Carnegie Library, the Cenotaph, and the Fort Young Hotel. 

Another enriching way to delve into Dominica’s history is to visit the Dominica Museum, showcasing a series of artefacts. There are also some beautiful landmarks to explore around Roseau including the bustling Roseau Market, the New Market which sells fresh fruit and vegetables, and Morne Bruce, offering amazing views of the city. 

Dominica Weather 

Dominica has a tropical climate and is blessed with warm sunny weather most of the year, with annual averages sitting at around 27 degrees Celsius. The island has a dry season between December and May, and a rainy season between June and November during the hurricane season. Rainfall is considerably heavier throughout the island’s mountainous regions. 

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