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Brightsun’s Guide to Travelling Sustainably in 2022

Brightsun’s Guide to Travelling Sustainably in 2022

Let’s reduce carbon footprints on our travels this year with these little tips that make a huge difference.

We all want to jet set off to somewhere beautiful now and again, and there is so much you can do to keep your carbon footprint and environmental impact as minimal as you can and make your holiday more sustainable. We share some of our ideas below.

Domestic Travel Alternatives

If you’re someone who loves to explore more than one destination / city / island during your trip then we definitely encourage you to do some research on some alternative transport routes. Flying short distances increases C02 emissions and so do stopovers, as they make the journey longer for you with increased fuel usage.  

Train journeys are a greener alternative; they emit far lower levels of harmful gases and pollutants, and they allow you time to take in backdrops of stunning landscapes at a slower pace, witnessing things you’d have missed on a flight.

Pack Smart & Sustainably

Help the environment by picking up some more eco-friendly travel essentials such as solid shampoos and soap bars, reusable bags, a reusable water bottle, metal straws, a sun cream that is reef-friendly - preventing ocean pollution, and a solar-power phone charger.

Pack your toiletries into mini reusable bottles and generally pack lighter – the weight of your luggage does make an impact. The less you pack, the less fuel it will take for your flight to get going. You could even purchase a sustainable travel bag; there are loads on the market, most being made from reused plastic waste.

Visit Marine Protected Areas

If you’re a beach bum who loves to be beside the sea, then why not choose to visit a destination that has a Marine Protected Area? Local communities in these areas are commited to protecting aquatic species and the natural environment surrounding them.

Marine Protected Areas are some of the world’s healthiest and biodiverse ocean settings; famous ones include Cocos Island National Park in Costa Rica, Revillagigedo Archipelago National Park in Mexico, and the South Ari Atoll Marine Protected Area in the Maldives.

Alternative Local Travel

Is there a more environmentally friendly option to explore a new city? Of course there is!

The best way to get around a city is to take a walk around with a map, or hire a bicycle as an alternative to travelling via car or public transport. If you do need to hire a car at some point on your trip, then we would encourage you to opt for a smaller electric vehicle or even consider car sharing. If you’ll be travelling on the water, you could opt for a sailing experience as an alternative to a boat with a power engine.

Consider Staying at a Green-Friendly Hotel

Hotels and other forms of accommodation across the globe are becoming increasingly greener with sustainability initiatives, from recycling furniture with locally sourced materials to using solar power and energy efficient light settings. Eco-friendly hotels generally would have received certifications such as Green Key and Green Globe so this is something to look out for, and if you’re planning on exploring for most of your trip / not spending much time at your accommodation, then you could even consider camping.

Purchase Locally Produced Items

Another small action that makes a huge impact – do your holiday shopping in local markets instead of international chain outlets selling products that would have been shipped or flown in (which equals more carbon footprint). Shop for fresh local produce and street food and same goes for souvenirs - browse local markets and family run shops for hand crafted items and gifts made by artisans instead of cliché items processed from international factories.

Other ways to actively engage in sustainability whilst on your travels include:

  • Taking part in a beach clean-up
  • Limit use of water by taking a shorter shower & turning off the tap when brushing your teeth
  • Re-using your towels

Are you ready to travel more sustainably?

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