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Pilgrimage To Najaf, Kufa & Karbala 6 Nights/7 Days

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Millions of Shi'ite Muslims from around the world are making their way to the holy shrine of Imam Hussein in Karbala.

Day 1: Flight to Najaf 
Meet and greet at Najaf Airport. 

Day 2: Najaf
This Moring we start by visiting the Holy tomb of Imam Ali ( peace be upon him) the cousin of prophet Mohammad, you can see the attractive golden tomb of the shrine, Adam and Noah were buried, at the same place. Close to Imam Ali you find Najaf famous market. After Lunch we halt in Najaf market and coming back to have dinner in the hotel. 

Day 3: Kufa 
This morning we take a 10 Kilometre drive to Kufa, which was the capital of Islam during Imam Ali era. The high light of Kufa is the  historical mosque from where we continue to visit Muslem Ibn Aqeel, Imam Hussain messenger to Kufa people, also we can visit Imam Ali historical house, Maitham Altamaar mosque, Hani ibn Irwa mosque, Alimara palace, the place where Imam Hussain enemy ruling their affairs, can be seen in the same area. After Lunch we travel to Al Sahla mosque, where a lot of Islamic historical places to visit, including Imam Mahdi place, and prophet Ibraham place.

Day 4:  Karbala
Today we have a long drive, so we leave  early morning to Karbala (90 km) though yes we have a break on the way for lunch! Visiting Imam Hussein holy shrine, you can see inside the shrine, his son Ali Akbar, his close follower Habeeb ibn Mudahir, the place where Imam Hussain head was cut. Then continue our tour for visiting Imam Abass who considered the most important character after Imam Hussain. 

Day 5: Karbala
Going to Al Hur alriyahi ( A brave leader took a great role in the battle of Karbala with Imam Hussain) ( 10 km) far from Karbala, after that coming back to Karbal to the restaurant at 1:30 pm and taking break in the hotel. Taking tour in Karbala city day at leisure. 

Day 6: Karbala 
Visiting Imam Mahdi place, Zainabi hill ( the place where Zainab, sister of Imam Hussain, was standing and observing the battle of Karbala), we continue to visit the site where Imam Abass hands were cut, Imam Hussain camp and halt in Karbala markets. Evening at leisure. 

Day 7: Departure
Leaving Karbala to Baghdad airport. 



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