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Kandy - Discover ancient treasures & lush tea plantations

Kandy is a sacred pilgrimage site and laid back city located in the heart of Sri Lanka.  It's an admirable destination with lots of exotic flora and fauna, warm and friendly locals, bustling streets, tropical rain-forests and lush green tea hills. Brightsun are travel specialists offering exclusive holidays to Kandy, featuring flights with world-renowned airlines and accommodation in some of the world's top hotels and resorts. Once capital of the ancient kings, Kandy is now one of Sri Lanka's most culturally and historically significant destinations. The fascinating culture of Kandy is mainly influenced by Buddhism, and there are many traditional festivals celebrated in the city that feature fun arts and cultural dance performances. Kandy also boasts a range of important historical sites, and amongst the best ancient wonders is the Sacred Temple of the Tooth; a 16th century monument and the most important Buddhist relic in Sri Lanka as it houses a tooth of the sacred Gautama Buddha. Then there's the famous Lankatilaka Temple; an architectural wonder with white brickwork, glorious arches and sculptures on its outer walls  as well as large murals, statues and ceiling paintings inside the building.

Not only is Kandy renowned for its historical attractions, but is also famous for its spectacular tea plantations. Kandy holds great importance in the tea production in Ceylon and the city is within close proximity to many tea growing regions, so you can get a glimpse into tea manufacturing, and perhaps sample some freshly brewed Ceylon tea. Kandy is also home to breath-taking natural scenery, lush botanical gardens, mountainous landscapes and forested hills with plenty of hiking and strolling opportunities. One of Kandy's scenic attractions is the Royal Botanical Gardens; renowned for its vast collection of orchids. The gardens have 60 hectares of beautiful landscapes and over 4000 species of plants, and visitors can spot lots of fruit bats in the trees as well as monkeys and butterflies. Another stunning natural attraction is the Kandy Lake which is a beautiful artificial lake that makes for a wonderful and peaceful retreat. Whatever type of holiday you are looking for in this stunning Sri Lankan city, Brightsun Travel offers a wide range of cheap holidays to Kandy, so you can look forward to a trip of a lifetime.

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